Monday, May 3, 2010

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New Gaming Aspects

I've talked about them before but I wanted to go into greater detail about 3 Major Advancements into MMO Video Games that I would like to see implemented within the next 10 years.

1. Custom Tailoring and Outfit Customization.

Imagine Mabinogi if you will where via the right ingredients + a Outfit pattern you get a custom tailored armor or clothes of your liking.

Now that is just the start. Recreate the whole process from the ground up. The patterns should be created by the users themselves from every inch of the fabric. Laces, holes, frills, folds, stitching all should be saved onto a single pattern with unlimited uses and the ability to alter the design at any point. Height, width, spacing, patterns, even messages should be under the users control to design any outfit for cosplay and original design.

It would revolutionize customization in all RPGs and MMOs.

2. Character Separate Emotion Circuits.

Inspired from EndGame characters by Fred Gallagher. Characters themselves would be free to feel emotions of love, hate, anger, fear, lust, and many others without input from their users.

Creating a immersion like no other the users themselves would have their actions slightly more limited but would allow for greater Role playing as decisions the characters make would develop into a unique storyline. Though users can manipulate the actions their character does they will not be able to control their likes, dislikes, loyalty, and many of their emotions while talking to NPCs or other players. Characters may even take control in an Emotional Burst to seek revenge on monsters, rescue a player in need, or sacrifice themselves to save the life of another, or even endanger the life of someone they dislike.

3. Buildable Environments and Structures.

Like in real life the environment is affected by its inhabitants. A little more details to each action could alter the weather, agriculture or habits of animals.

Creating limited amounts of monsters per area would restrict users from strictly hunters a certain type of monster or fish or animal. Planting seeds would alter the soil of an area and soon produce trees and fruit that could be poisonous to animals in the area or increase sales of the produce in the nearby city. Killing off a certain species of monster could also grip the nearby towns in despair with loss of furs, meats, and items produced by the animal and would require a suitable substitute to be introduced into the environment to take it's place. Players would not only have to worry about their own lives but the lives of the city they inhabit and travel to or face trial for endangerment of the environment.

Obviously all of these would be under constant assault by dangerous individuals who delight in destroying something beautiful, so they would also have to implement a more permanent system of baning users who perform indecent of dangerous acts that threaten the happiness of other individuals.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Medaka Box, new or old Hat?

I've read reviews online about how Medaka Box is a Haruhi Clone since the characters are both Godly.

I fail to comprehend this facsimile.

Haruhi is God, and whenever she gets bored the world is libel to implode on iteself so her friends (Constituted of 1Esper, 1Human, 1Alien, and 1Time Traveler) try to keep her happy and return the status quo.

Medaka is a Superhuman woman (Denies this fact of course) believing that no one can ever fail at anything they try but also admits the fact that no one is perfect (herself included). She intends to.....well not really sure, listen to the Student Body and fix their problems perhaps? Regardless she does this with a suggestion box, her Friends(Constituted of a Childhood Friend, Former Yankee, Money Loving Swimsuit Captain , and to be filled in later), her own Superhuman Strength, Agility, and Vitality and maybe some help from the Teachers she will do so without much of a problem.

Medaka is Godly in a physical form and conscious of this while Haruhi can only Indirectly affect the world as a whole and be unaware of the changes.

If anyone wanted to say Haruhi and Medaka are the same then I adamantly ask them to attempt this argument without copy-pasting the same dribble from some guys blog and give their own damn opinion on the difference between two vastly different and Original Manga.

Here's a Comparison for ya;

Haruhi is Jesus, Medaka is Chuck Norris. Suck my dick if you disagree.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Unlimited Saber Works

Saber King

Saber Queen

Saber Dark

Saber Alter

Saber Lily

Saber Extra

Saber Zero

Saber Hime

Saber Gao

Saber Maid

I've never met a character with so many Personalities as Saber.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Fking Walmart!

So I went to Walmart nearly a year ago and got a PC that's kicking some serious ass.

But when we got it we also installed what teh Walmart Representative said was "the Most State of the Art Graphics Card you can get".


I knew from the begining I wasn't gonna get anything like that but HE LIED TO MY FACE!!!

Only now do I feel like I should have slapped him for it. MY PC is getting older and my games are running slower. New cards could cost anywhere from 200-500 and The Nvidia page itself desrcibes my puny 8500 GT as a "non-gamer,business worker card"


I can't even play Oblivion comfortably with this. It's so Sad.

I wanna go there and steal a 295 GTX right from their shelves just for lying to me. T_T

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sometimes I get the Feeling...

That the Internet is watching me fap >_>

Among other things but the only interesting thing I do is fap.

I say this cuz Whenever I look for stuff or read something or watch something IT IMMEDIATLY GET UPLOADED TO GELBOORU!

Gelbooru being my(Not "mine" per-se, but the one I use) Booru which I picked one day out of the pile of Booru's.

It just seems like unnatural coincidences is all.

I'm Watching you guys too

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Kurokona Hypothesis

Izumi Konata and Suzumiya Haruhi share a bond on and off the anime shows. Although it is unknown to me how anyone ever created Kurokona, I'm gonna make a random guess that The Disappearance Of Suzumiya Haruhi had a hand in it.

Kurokona is often seen depressed or apprehensive and often wears glasses. Probably when the news got out that Haruhi was gone she secluded herself, died her hair, grew a darker outlook on life.

It's possible that Haruhi herself even had a hand in changing her persona so much.

Aside from the obvious glasses and hair color, slightly worth mention is the average hair length has decreased. Whereas her norm would be from hip to calf hair length her now black hair is consistently shorter.

To make an even broader guess; Her change made Konata grow a larger consciousness of her surroundings and with ehr depression she grew more mature. She then abandoned manga, anime, and video games to further her studies and increase relations with her friends and family. Her glasses are proof that she has lost something, namely her eyesight, possibly from her long addiction to late-night gaming/anime, and getting them is proof she has given into her addiction being bad for her health.

Of course she could just be the fan-inspired counterpart to follow after Kyonko as people would rather see a calm and conformed Konata than a male one.